Message to LK about Instagram...

Mon, Apr 22, 2013 at 8:54 AM

Hello All.

Has anyone else noticed that LK is no longer following anyone on Instagram anymore?
I hope he didn't have a bad experience and do the same on Twitter.

Personalized pictures and messages are what the fans look forward to especially between
albums and concerts.

If something happened, LK, Don't let one bad apple spoil the love and respect the rest of us have for you.


Lenny Lover Sista.

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  1. Re: Message to LK about Instagram...

    Mon, Jun 17, 2013 at 6:28 PM

    tsrottweilers wrote:
    I do not do the Instagram or FB thing but I wholeheartedly agree with su Prima/Nandi about keeping THIS site alive and kicking!! It has become stale and old and it is very difficult to keep fans' attention and participation if there is no new news or pics.

    To be effective at this site Team LK ought to make it time sensitive and more interactive. I realize people get busy with life and living, however this is a very public venue FOR LK and HIS fans, so you'd think more of an effort would be made to keep it current.

    WADE, please help us out here, o.k.?!?


    DITTO Therese!!!


  2. Re: Message to LK about Instagram...

    Fri, Aug 9, 2013 at 6:25 PM

    I myself was on this site a lot when it first was "made over" but not so much recently. I do follow LK on Instagram and Twitter and seem to get more info. there than on this site or his Facebook site. He does post pics now quite frequently. At least a couple times a week, most taken by Mathieu, but some by LK himself. I like those the most even if LK is not in the pic. As far as this site, it could be so much more than it is. Lenny is so busy himself with so many projects and I have no idea who Team LK is and how often they communicate info. I mainly find out things from Mathieu Bitton (and he is busy with all his projects) and other LK fans. I think Team LK should just hire me LOL, but seriously it would be nice if there was more info. If you are reading this Team LK or Lenny you may want to check out No Doubt's Facebook page. They have a photo gallery for Signs made by fans and another for fans tattoos. They say you can post on Instagram with a hashtag and somehow NDoubt puts them in their photo gallery. That would make it seem more interactive with fans. If you do or don't just still know you have many devoted fans for life that LET LOVE RULE.