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    Street dreads dudley comes from orginal cheltenham gloucestershire. His dad is Dj Baps aka King of dub. Which is not supriseing that when he went into reggae djing. He did yt cousre @ HIMELY hall in dudley where he moved 1n '86 with his mum & sister. by 92 he done catering @ haleswoen collage and when he finished in 93 joined twyford down road demo then went on to sailsbury hill rd demo in btwn working with anti nazi leauge. Then went of to KABUTIZ IN ISRAEL CAME BACK 6 MONTHS LATER AND TRAINED AS a youth worker. sort lived due to managers. he worked on Warrior sound FOR COUPLE YEARS. Then left as wanted to more control. Stuydied cuebase etc. then went solo. 2000 started working with dad who by now changed 2 Cornerstone musik with his friend Nico d. 2004 he became a dad. year later split from the mother and been raising his daughter ever since. last couple of yrs he's trained as aplaywork and just finshed sound eingeriing couse. now helps voluntary run a music studio 2 ST THOMAS'S COMMUNITY NETWORK KATES HILL DUDLEY WEST MIDLANDS england. Where he's recording his own reggae,dubstep,d'nb,rock tunes.