Arguments with god

Wed, Feb 5, 2014 at 3:50 AM By: TheSpiritualPhysicist

Does the truth really exist? or do we make it ... 


God: Are you god?
Jane: no ... 
God: Are you part of god? 
Jane: well yeah i guess i am ... 
God: Then why do you not live in gods image - to create a good future for yourselves?
Jane: i don't know .. but i'm not god.
God: Then what ungodly abomination are you?
God: Are you a robot?
Jane: ... omg you're right ... i ammmm a robot ... i'm a money loving robot of the system!? ...
God: It looks as if you might be right - i'm sorry it turned out this way ;)
Jane: Shut up god I can do something about it ... i'm not completely helpless ... it's not the end of the world ;) ... let me make you proud ... Thank you god ... i'm awake now ... 
Jane: But wait god ... how do i create the future? ...
God: Child - you hope and you pray and you use the imagination i gave you when you came into this world as a child :) it's like what i've said all along ... 


How many of you think or act like life is about being right?

women might want to be right because they've in general ben repressed for many years by men in to lower standard jobs and positions which may have made them in general more emotionally clouded than they already are due to their nature of being more emotional beings. 

Scientists might want to be right because they have ego issues and have trouble at a getting girlfriends, so by design they love being right and would strive through "rigorous" methods that aren't so rigorous and peer reviewed fair testing, that isn't so fair as much as it is biased toward a preferable outcome and peer reviewed by your best friends who want to see you succeed in life. 
Christians and Muslims might want to be right because their faith depends on it ... even though god said in the first few pages of the bible not to eat from the tree of knowledge. 

The common man may be so disillusioned, depressed, and in fear of the world that he doesn't give a crap about being right. Because he knows that if he is right, then oh god what a disaster this world and situation really is. 

So ... God said don't eat from that tree of knowledge right there next to you ... the one that looks so fruity and tempting. 

Was that really a sin? or was that more of a challenge?
Because isn't eating from the tree of knowledge ... the equivalent of seeing both sides of the coin? You know, knowledge of good AND evil? ... light AND dark? ... isn't it the best vantage point to asses all of gods creations including evil. (may be one of god creations but don't take me word for it perhaps you should ask god - but please not that this may be why the world is said to be splitting in two, because some will refuse to become gods because it the illuminati did that and look what happened to them but those people didn't see the duality of the beauty of gods work ... everything has good and evil inside ... you just have to learn to choose which one you work for)

Back to the tree of knowledge ... and not eating the luscious tempting super shiny red fruits ... 

So if it was just a fun challenge as the grace of god might suggest, then you'd better make the truth almost impossible to find to keep that ball of "knowledge searching" rolling. 

Add also to this the definition of a business, a group of people with a common goal who are not allowed to share their knowledge of what they do with their "competition" or with anyone else. Business is based on secrecy of information until now, until open source. 

Doesn't business sound like a bit of a cult or sect or something?

But anyway given the current reality we have, no matter what side you look from, the side of Science, Religion or History, logic or emotion,  you'll mostly end up being wrong anyway since what you're given is never the truth and can never be the truth. 

Why? Because everything we know is wrong? maybe, thats one explanation?

Maybe thats how money survived so long? The consistent magical belief that money isn't created from nothing and that we haven't sold our souls from birth to the government who then sells our money (that they created for us at birth) back to us in exchange for our FULL TIME cooperation? till DEATH do us part. 
Just remember one thing about money and things that are free, like energy, love and food, if you do not support any faction of the free world and free zero point science then your only choice is to support money and therefore killing, raping and satanism and everything that comes with the worship of money. 

Any way i'm digressing, back to the tree of knowledge! .... Of course anyone who knows humans would know that; if you tell a human not to do something ... he or she is almost certainly going to do it ... unless you can provide concrete evidence as to why he or she shouldn't, which they rarely do and didn't in the biblical. 

So then if life isn't about being right ... what the hell are we all doing, 
arguing about the truth? and whats right now and what was right then? like we actually know! Doesn't being interested in the truth make us fight?

It can't be such a bad idea to create the truth? ... and a truth about the future? a new and brother golden age truth based on love and peaceful co existence? ... forget that past ... it's a bit shit ... forget the now ... thats a bit shit too ... but the future ... now thats something we can do something about!! thats not such a bad satanic idea is it? to fight for the trith of the future being the name of a god of love?

We all know the truth to a certain extent anyway ... all we have to do is look around and see it ... and then we know a small piece of it ... look around from from all humans eyes and we know all of the truth we created up to now under the watchful eye of government run media and money backed police states. 

and even god wondered what is the truth ... 
and so god looked around at the truth ... and he saw that it was shit! ... so god decided to create the truth a bit better, ... next time .... but ... not earthlings ... if they decide to create the truth, best be casting them to hell ... if they decide to create a better world and a better system ... best be casting them to hell ... also ... along with all of hollywood, politics and news media ... because I am god and i love this system made from my love ... 

ah screw it who am i kidding, this system is not love this system is arguing and fighting and aimless searches for truth that doesn't exist in the eyes of only one human anyway ... it exists in the eyes of all humans ... humans i wish to tell you it is your birth right to create the truth ... thats how i designed you ... but some stupid roman business people took the truth and changed it and started crucifying those who told it ... i'm sorry about that. They also wrote down my words a bit differently to how i would have the said them which caused much confusion and therefore fighting .. 

I designed the truth to be obvious and natural ... and the when you found it ... you would know it .... because it would reflect everything you know already and it would even reflect the entire universe which would be in any subject you decided to study ... that is the nature of truth i intended a natural self organising self provable one. 

so alas know you are from god, like me, and know you must create a truth that i am proud of ... please help me ... so then i can count you as suns ... sons of creation and truly my children and you can then stand shoulder to shoulder with me and jesus ... unless of course you think he or I were better and more different to you?  

Unless you think you were not created in my image? the great creator?
On earth there is not past and no future ... only a moment of perpetual now, the rest is created and can be changed. 

Now i make it a sin to not be like me, in my image of creation, now i make it a sin to not at least try to save my planet! So if you don't start doing something now (because it's already too late) then i will cast you into the fiery ... um ... depths of reincarnation. To which i will say to you as you pass ... aww too bad better luck next time ... but don't worry we have eternity to get it right. 

So my readers, children, brothers and sisters go forth and make your decision ... stand and fight for god ... fight for your right to love and your right to a better world you create ... or sit back and watch it go to hell ... :D thank you

In an argument, i've found that whenever you get angry, you're doing something wrong. 

  1. Madeline Gouin avatar

    On Tue, Feb 18, 2014 at 8:17 AM, Madeline Gouin said:

    "The world was created so man may learn. This is why man is imperfect! Religion is man-made! How can man believe "God" told them so? Man creates violence . . . or peace!"

  2. Nala11 avatar

    On Mon, Feb 10, 2014 at 3:55 PM, Nala11 said:

    Those are quite a few thoughts to ponder. Thanks for sharing

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