This man is love.

Sun, Feb 16, 2014 at 4:14 AM By: Tanya Stoyanova

This man is love.
I know.
I can feel it .
I want to one day have the opportunity to tell him so many things.
He has an incredible ability to convey in his music all the love that has in his heart.
I have never met such a person who is so humble in heart, and so close to God
/ except Michael Jackson of course / .
Lenny gives us so much love and truly loves us , so fans , do not be arrogant , do not violate the personal space and privacy Lenny.
He wrote music for us, but does not live his life as a man bound to something.
Therefore respected him , buy his music , going to concerts .
Because these musicians like Lenny are disappearing.
Despite the rapid uptake of modern music , Lenny managed to keep his music alive, such as listened to our parents .

And more things I want to write , but I do not speak English well so I'll stop here.
Send you much love and may soon have a new album :)

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